Hynds PKS is New Zealand's leading manufacturer and supplier of certified PE100 spiral wound pipe, bespoke structures for drainage, stormwater and wastewater applications.

Product Solutions

Every job has unique requirements
PE, PP pipe and structures are fabricated in the Hynds PKS manufacturing facility reducing on site installation time.

High Strength to Weight Ratio

The PE100 spiral wound pipe technology used by Hynds PKS makes it practical to manufacture pipes to a specified ring stiffness/SN rating at a fraction of the weight. The high strength to weight ratio is due to the use of PP (polypropylene) core tube, which give the pipes their ribbed nature, wrapped in PE100 material. This means Hynds PKS pipe systems can be installed as alternative solutions in gravity stormwater and wastewater settings over traditional pipe materials like steel, concrete and GRP.
PKS Handles the most Complex Bespoke PE and PP Structures
Pump manhole, leakage controlled construction and landfill manholes, drainage - and infiltration manholes, storage tanks with throttle manholes, geothermal  manholes and distribution.
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