Manhole Structures

We design and manufacture bespoke manhole structures to fit your specific needs

Product Solutions

Every job has unique requirements
PE and PP structures are fabricated in the Hynds PKS manufacturing facility reducing on-site installation time.

Product Features

  • Design life of 100 years in PE100 material
  • Efficient hydraulic performance with its lower Manning's roughness coefficient (0.009-0.012)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Reduced installation costs due to its lightweight and long lengths
  • Inert to many chemicals including Hydrogen sulphide (HS2) attack
  • PE Structures compliment PE Pipe
  • Lightweight and easy to handle reducing site hazards.
  • Inspection friendly inner surface
  • Manhole depth custom designed to your need
  • Channel in all bendings and dimensions possible:
    - Inspection manhole from DN 100 up to DN 2400
    - Tangential manhole from DN 600 up to DN 3500
  • Low pressure losses due to low frictional resistance
  • Inlayed EPDM-sealing in manhole wall for passage to prefabricated elements of ferro-concrete,
  • Safety steps - or ladder according to customs requirement. Quality controlled, tight and welded construction to DVS,
  • Static design following with evidence of buoyant force guarantee
  • Design of a CAD-drawing for each construction.
  • Connection to the sewer pipe system PKS via easy electro fusion welding possible,
Pump manhole, leakage controlled construction and landfill manholes, drainage - and infiltration manholes, storage tanks with throttle manholes, geothermal manholes and distribution
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