Renovation of sewage pipeline

New Zealand will invest billions to renovate damaged sewage pipelines. There are different possibilities for realisation, which we can offer as supplier of complete plastic pipe systems.

Relining with PKS spiral pipes

In our production plant in Christchurch we manufacture profile spiral pipes DN 300 up to DN 4300mm in a roofed hall which has more than 500 square meters. This kind of pipes are also suitable for sewage pipelines in need of relining. By pulling the pipe into the old one the cross-section becomes smaller but will be compensate by the much better flow characteristics of Polyethylene (k-value < 0,05) compared to abrasive materials like concrete pipes.

Renovation with concrete protective liners

With our SureGrip-concrete protective liners concrete constructions can be protected safe and durable resistance against corrosion. Besides the safe sealing of concrete construction and the manufacture of tight concrete tanks also a later renovation of damaged concrete pipelines is possible.