Frank PKS Wall Structures – Non pressure

The PE100 spiral wound pipe technology used by Frank PKS makes it practical to manufacture pipes to a specified ring stiffness/SN rating at a fraction of the weight. The high strength to weight ratio is due to the use of PP (polypropylene) core tube, which give the pipes their ribbed nature, wrapped in PE100 material. This means Frank PKS pipe systems can be installed as alternative solutions in gravity stormwater and wastewater settings over traditional pipe materials like steel, concrete and GRP.

Each pipe is formed on a steel mandrel with a socket former one end and spigot the other. This means we can increase strength and rigidity while maintaining a consistent ID (internal diameter) and flow characteristics.

Frank PKS can manufacture pipes in 2 unique wall structures PR (Profile) and PKS Plus (Twin Wall).


Each type of wall structure has varying thicknesses on each layer to achieve a varying SN rating. Frank PKS can also manufacture Solid Wall pipes for use in the same gravity stormwater and wastewater systems.

To determine an SN rating, Frank PKS have a catalogue of profiles (wall structures) that vary in PE100 layer thickness’ in conjunction with PP core tube sizes and this gives a large catalogue of profiles that produce varying wall strengths.

Each profiles SN rating is directly dependant on the ID selected by the customer.

As opposed to the more traditional linear extrusion process, Frank PKS can manufacture from 300mm ID – up to 2500mm ID in varying lengths and SN ratings in one run without a costly setup or downtime. It is this flexibility of offer that allows us to produce a total pipe solution that can suit varying ground conditions across an install site as opposed to a one type suits all supply offer that adds significant costs to the asset owner.

The PR wall structure is perfect for drilled drainage and leachate systems as there is miniscule effect on the SN rating by drilling the holes in between the PE100 and PP reinforcing ribs, this means we can provide a higher porosity than most pipes.

Solid wall construction – Low Pressure up to 400kpa / 4 bar

Where you want to have an extreme stiffness or a low pressure rated pipe, we can produce to your SDR rating and OD for connections without compromising your ID flow – in many cases our pipe system improves flow and reduces head loss.

Where a client wants a transition end like a wing wall / stub flange / valve end or termination for a blank end, we can produce a section of any profile pipe with this on one end if you wish.

We also manufacture fittings and constructions from solid wall where hydrostatic pressure is present or butt welded connections are required.

Pipe connection types

The Frank PKS manufacturing process allows for different connection methods, such as an Integrated Electro-Fusion Socket & Spigot, Single or Double Rubber Ring Socket & Spigot Connection, Extrusion Welding and Butt Welding of joints.

*Single seal available for stormwater


Pipe sizes chart –for PR, PKS Plus and solid wall