Our Company

Hynds PKS NZ is a manufacturing division of Hynds Pipe Systems Ltd, the largest operating business in the Hynds Group of Companies.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility manufactures PE and PP pipe up to 2.5m in diameter with in house design for fabricated manholes and structures suitable for water storage, wet wells and intake manifolds. We hold AS / NZS 5065, ISO9001:2015 / Watermark and comply with AS/NZS4131 for PE100 raw material and design pipelines and structures for site-specific installations in accordance to AS / NZS2566 and the German standard ATV DVWK 127E for structures. Through collaboration with design engineers, asset owners and civil contractors our partnership approach creates a value-based pipeline system engineered for long term cost of life advantages over other alternatives.

Product Advantages

Spiral pipe technology has been manufactured and used successfully throughout Europe since the 1960s. Hynds PKS is the sole manufacturer and supplier of certified PE100 spiral wound pipe in New Zealand for drainage, stormwater and wastewater applications. A large range of sizes from 300mm (ID) to 2500mm (ID), with possible machine capability up to 4200mm (ID).

Hynds PKS supplies pipe systems for drainage, stormwater and wastewater applications so this encompasses:

  • Pipes
  • Manholes
  • Wet Wells
  • Tanks for retention and attenuation
  • Reducers
  • Bends
  • T and Y junction

The ease of constructability allows for structures of a complex nature to be fabricated in the factory and delivered to site for installation, therefore, reducing construction time on site.

The main advantages are:

  • The design life of 100 years in PE100 material
  • The efficient hydraulic performance with its lower Manning’s roughness coefficient (0.009-0.012)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Reduced installation costs due to its light weight and long lengths
  • Inert to many chemicals including Hydrogen sulphide (HS2) attack
  • Pipes are weldable making it easy to fabricate required structures such as manholes and fittings, which reduces build time onsite
  • Reduces site hazards as it is safe to handle/install due to the lightweight nature of the pipes
  • Manufacturing process allows for variable lengths to be manufactured at low cost as there is no minimum run length required.